Blue Zones

Welcome to my blog! I love learning, but I find that I struggle to express what I’m learning and restitch the knowledge to restructure my thoughts. That’s why this site exists.

You will discover two formats:

-> TL;DR is a weekly, short series about 2-3 subjects to take the most important things about them. Sometime, I will present a discovery project

-> Product review focuses on one subject or product. I will write to analyze and highlight the core motivations for the subject

-> Definitions provide a self-definition and clarity of some important DeFi terms. I express the why and what of the terms and their assumptions.

Because we’re often hyped about a subject, but we rarely can argue and support why, I thing or love this thing.

So, this blog is where I will mostly share about UX products based on my studies and current learning. It’s also a training place and my portfolio in one way. Enjoy!