In this review, I try to provide a product overview of Layer3 platform. I tried to be the most neutral as possible..

You’ll probably get more value from this review if you’re a product person or a community wishing to understand or use Layer3 in the future.

In the last part, I express my personal thoughts with Layer3 platform based on my own experience as a user.

If I should describe Layer3 in 3 words: intuitive; gamified: exploration

What’s Layer3 platform?

Layer3 is a platform designed for learning and discovery web3 ecosystem. The Layer3 mission is to become the best place to start your web3 journey by providing a dynamic ecosystem, all in a seamless and intuitive way.

For example, imagine: you just heard about a protocol, but you don’t know how to use it? Well, go on Layer3 search for the project and if he’s present, follow the quest to learn and doing your first interactions with the project.

In other words, the value proposition of Layer3, for users is to provide a discovery tool to start their web3 journey, while for web3 communities is to provide an acquisition tool.

Tl;dr of layer3 plan

“Our master plan centers around the simple yet profound idea of making crypto as ubiquitous and easy to use as ordering a book online” from " One Layer at a Time by Dariya.

That requires two things:

  • a platform where crypto is engaging beyond pure token rewards
  • a deep distribution network.

The plan:

  1. build a robust distribution channel by creating a user-friendly platform that simplifies the crypto experience (easily explore; understand and engage with crypto product)
  2. expend this experience to our parters
    • bolster our reach and credibility
    • all while connecting users to products they find inetresting and valuable
  3. build our own crypto product
    • with an already user base this product is not confronted to find an audiance
    • build on top of our parters => capitalize on the ecosystem
  4. build tools to cross communication between Layer3 <=> Partners
    • value circule in the ecosystem
  5. decentralize the ecosystem to trigger the creation of a self-sustaining network
    • setting in motion a perpetual engine of value creation

Define each actor of the system

  1. Layer3 Team aka provider: around 8–10 people working together to achieve a mission: to make crypto mainstream.
  2. Web3 companies aka customers: they use L3 as an acquisition tool, benefice example:
    • bootstraps communities
    • acquire users
    • onboards contributors
    • no-code tool to create powerful product stories through Quests
    • quests embeds
  3. Users aka consumers: it’s more destined at web3 users, they use Layer3 to start their web3 journey, and we can identify several personas:
    • learn how to use web3
    • explored dApps and ecosystem
    • build an on-chain reputation
    • earn rewards

–> Let’s see their relations

Layer3 <=> Web3 companies: This relation represents the bread and butter for Layer3 team (B2B model). With this form and several contents provided by Layer3, I visualize the process like this:

web3 companies apply to become a customer → Layer3 judge the trustworthiness of the project → if it’s favorable, they discuss together about define the goals and contract terms → work together to build the quests/campaign → launch the campaign → review and debrief when it’s over using on-chain analytics ⟶ reiterate

The good point here, is Layer3 keeps the control of who they work. They can development an intimate relation with their customers (and collaborate together in the future, for example Layer3 built 2 products on top of Socket: a Swap and a Bridge aggregator)

From a web3 companies point of view, the advantage is that they don’t need an existing user base. that Layer3 is there to showcase them and thus bring growth. Layer3 is the intermediary between users and web3 companies.

Web3 companies <=> Users: Here it’s a win-win relation. Companies launch quests to attract users, users collect rewards directly on Layer3.

web3 companies announce the quests/campaign on social media → users have x time to complete it → instant verification and rewards through Layer3 → wait for new campaign :)

The good point for users is Layer3 answers several personas at same time, for example, users can:

  • learn
  • interact with the project
  • get rewards

For web3 companies is a great way to growth the user base and improve the user engagement.Also they don’t need to review the quests like with Zealy or Galxe platform => win time

Layer3 provides gamified and well-designed quests for users to collect XP points and rewards (NFTs; tokens…)

Layer3 <=> Users: Users are consumers of the Layer3 platform, in other words they are the success of Layer3 platform.

They need and satisfactions are the main priority for Layer3. Without them, Layer3 can’t build a good reputation and web3 companies are less attracted to engage a partnership with Layer3.

So, Layer3 has for mission to provide a unique gamified experience to maintain the user’s engagement. All while improving the retention by providing several features (journey, for example, is to cultivate habit behavior)

Layer3 User Flow

Layer3 Product Overview

  • Swap & Bridge aggregator are two new implementations, they are built on top of Socket => with this Layer3 concentrates its efforts to become the “go to destination for everything’s in crypto” => smart move

  • Quests area series of several steps on a product/ When all steps are complete, the quest is done and the user can receive their reward. Each step is a single action. The motto is: Learn by doing

  • Journeys are single actions with a recurring time (day/week/month). It’s designed to cultivate positive crypto habits/behavior

  • As users, Communities is a place to discover if your favorite communities are present on Layer3

    As Community is the portal to reach and acquire new users, by showcasing your protocol.

  • Collections are another place to discover quests grouped by project or themes.

  • Achievements showcase your accomplishments and progress on Layer3. That improves the gamification part by providing a satisfaction and can work as a memories badge.

  • Leaderboard is a gamification element, enables users to see their overall ranking on the platform

  • Rewards NFTs /Chests / XP and Achievements badge => showcase your knowledge and achievements to the crypto space


  • instant collect NFT without any gas = auto-send to your wallet
  • multichain support
  • flexible reward types: NFTs, Tokens, XP and Achievements
  • instant verification
  • on-chain & off-chain: extensive action types to reach and retain users
  • co-marketing: promote your brand alongside Layer3
  • campaign analytics: report to optimize performance


It’s these elements, these features, that bring us back to the application:

  • new quests every week
  • gm streak
  • journey with a different timeline
  • notification system helps to know when new quests are available

Product Suggestions

Layer3 is already a product with a strong UX, is not easy to see default conception^^. Here I suggest some ideas:

  1. It’s smart to suggest a new quest after we finished one, but why not propose 2 or 3? As a multi pricing select, that can influence the users to select at least one. I try to explain my idea here:

Personally, when I don’t like the suggested quest because is not all time in my interest. I need to click on the cross > back to the exploration page > click to select a new quest. So the pain point here is: quest suggested is not in my interest, so why not suggest more to improve the probably to select one. The idea is to improve the probability of user stay in the loop

  1. Account Setup checklist: when we arrive at Layer3 we can directly start our journey, and we see after we need to link a web3 address/discord/twitter. The idea is to have a checklist to see what we have to set up to during our journey. I show that here:
  1. Journey by timeline: as we go along, more and more journeys are proposed with different timeline and in small place. The idea is to add 3 tabs where we can see quests by their respective timeline. Also add a red notification point to see when a new quest is available. See that below:

Product Usability

I don’t pick up usability default, Layer3 has a minimalist and gamified experience and that works well! For each action, we initiate, we know the state and what is just happened.

Personal Take it

I am writing this review for several purposes:

  • train myself to express and communicate my ideas
  • curious to deep and see why Layer3 product is successful

I see Layer3: Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start in a new ecosystem; chain, well, with Layer3 it’s a no-brainer. With the collection, you can find several quests to start your journey while the chain you would like to explore.

What do I like with Layer3?

  • they provide a simply and gamified experience (simply onboarding; all time something’s to do)
  • interesting story and product decision
  • they are care about the user experience.
  • Layer3 is oriented to try web3 product and not just boost the social engagement for web3 companies (cf: Galxe; zealy etc)
    • users can really try new products and not do boring actions as rt and create boring thread = farm What don’t I like with Layer3?
  • nothing for moment Why did I use Layer3?
  • Because that a no-brainer for me after work, I can go here, doing quests and improve my on-chain reputation
  • it’s a reminder habit to do actions on my fav chain