In my first review, you can learn more about the process of attending a Web3 conference and the types of participants we can find there.

Here, I will present to you Web3Wanderer, a tool to discover and schedule your conference journey.

Product Vision

Web3Wanderer is your companion for navigating the vast landscape of web3 conferences.

With him, discover and schedule your conference journey with an immersive experience.
For attendees seeking to make the most of their crypto journey.

Why do people go to conferences?

Web3Wanderer is addressed to all kinds of crypto conference attendees, see more here.

The major attendees at conferences go there for:

  • Connect and meet people with whom they share the same values; build relationships
  • Participate in hackathons and shape new ideas and teams
  • Promote your projects or company and find deals with
  • Stay updated about the new market research

With specific goals and needs, each attendee will try to optimize their journey to achieve their goals.

Discover events and personalize your schedule in one place. Discover more here.

Attendee pain points

To shape a good product, we need to consider the current pain points of attendees during Web3 conferences:

  1. The cost of going to the wrong events can be very high. Conversely, the opportunity cost of missing out on the right event can be very high
  2. Centralized event lists are often incomplete and put up too late to organize yourself efficiently
    • people often import a feed provided by the organization to their own calendar, and it’s just an unreadable pile of information
    • rapidity of information spread
  3. It is stressful to maximize your event schedule
    • the difficulty of finding networking events aligned with your interests
    • the challenge of identifying the right events, leading to uncertain satisfaction (ROI).
  4. Difficulty getting to a location
    • It can be hard to find the right event location, and sometimes we’re not informed of the address change

We target points to address pain points 2 and 3 by providing relevant data and helping the users make maximized decisions.

The long-term target is to address pain points 1 and 2, which we will discover during our journey.

Current problem statement

  • There is a lack of information about events, and they are dispatched to different places
    • it is hard for users to catch up and find the right informations
  • Lack of relevant data about the event
    • attendees take the risk of going to events they finally don’t like or that don’t answer their goals
  • A lot of no-show-ups happened during the event
    • some events are only on invitation, and no show-up takes place for someone who really wanted to go to this event
    • it’s also a problem for organizers who have false data about their event and can spend more money than is necessary

Unlike traditional event planner platforms that stop at aggregating conferences, we go further.

Our mission

We help conferencegoers find their tribes and maximize their ROI by having a single place to search for all the events happening.

Our mission is to empower attendees with a personalized experience, ensuring they make informed decisions when choosing and exploring the Web3 conference landscape.

Product - Web3Wanderer

As a newcomer, what can you expect to do with Web3Wanderer?

Key features

For our MVP:

Discover: Web3Wanderer empowers users to discover conferences and hidden gems within the Web3 universe.

Personalized Scheduling: Craft your unique schedule based on your interests and preferences. Seamlessly integrate main events, workshops, and social activities into your agenda.

Users are free to compare different types of events and plan their trip all in one place!

For the next releases:

Community Connection: Connect with fellow wanderers, founders, and your community. Foster meaningful connections and stay engaged with the Web3 community by building your social graph.

Make the right decisions: Provide data-driven decision support on which side event to attend. The aim is to help the user maximize each choice to enrich his or her experience.

Extend Experience: The conference experience is not limited to the walls of talk rooms. We aspire to provide a good recommendation to explore local places.
Find cultural places, restaurants, activities, and more. Open our minds outside the Web3 space and find inspiration.

For whom is Web3Wanderer?

For every person you go to or want to go to a Web3 conference.

For conference Attendees

  • Main Conference ticket holders:

    • Participate in main conference and upcoming side events
    • Access lists of both the main conference and side events to build a personalized schedule
  • Attendees without a main Conference ticket:

    • Discover and attend side events with a dedicated list tailored to your preferences
    • Access lists of side events around a conference to build a personalized schedule
  • Side events seekers:

    • For those without a main conference ticket who want to actively participate by discovering side events aligned with their interests

For Community leaders

  • Event sharing:

    • Share your community events with us, and we’ll aggregate them seamlessly.
  • Collaboration opportunities:

    • Utilize our tool to explore exciting events and initiate potential collaborations within the community

In other words, that is the kind of profile we target for the first realease :)

Our open questions?

  • How do we bootstrap or finance Web3Wanderer as a public good?
  • How do you share your product and be the reference for conference attendees?

This is my January work. If you have any suggestions or want to talk about Web3Wanderer, don’t hesitate to reach out to me on Twitter.

Last words

Web3Wanderer is the first product we want to build on top of our infrastructure.
I will present it later. We still have a lot of work to do on it, so probably we will release Web3Wanderer in February.

I’m quite excited to rework this project. I worked on it early this year and stopped to improve my personal skills and perspectives.

With more maturity, I’m happy to see my improvements and how I express my thoughts. Still, a lot of work will happen!